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Alexa: Talk to the Future of Customer Service Today

Written by Jim Jumpe

If you only use Amazon Alexa to start your favorite song playlists or check the weather, you may not realize how quickly the technology is becoming a serious business tool in our on-demand, mobile work world.

In thousands of hotels worldwide, guests are using Alexa devices to order food, dim the lights and turn on the television. Patients in a rapidly growing number of hospitals use Alexa as a hands-free call button, as well as a way to adjust the bed or check the kitchen’s daily menu options.

Now, you can also say “Alexa, get a RateStar℠ quote” to start a process that is almost as easy as ordering pizza from Fazoli’s or Domino’s – two chains now offering Alexa-enabled delivery orders. Arch MI has joined the Voice technology revolution and is now available as an Alexa Skill, ready to launch when you are.

Alexa is just the latest way that we provide quick, convenient support for your business. It may not be the way you connect with us for every mortgage application, but when you’re at your computer with a pile of documents to sort through, it can be easier to tell Alexa to call our customer service than toggle between computer screens or balance a phone on your shoulder. Is the borrower right there in your office? Ask Alexa to get a RateStar quote while you fix your client a cup of coffee or sort through their paperwork.

In a mobile world where you’re not always working behind a desk, voice technology is clearly part of our future. Arch MI’s commitment to innovation made Alexa an obvious next step in our mission to bring customers the best of technology to enhance their efficiencies. Our technology team did a great job with this voice-powered Arch MI Skill for Alexa. It arrives in a year that has seen Arch MI introduce several other first-in-the-industry innovations that have inspired an incredibly positive response.

For example, in June, we invited you to tap into a more powerful RateStar with RateStar Buydown℠, the unique tool that enables you to buy down your borrower’s MI premium to an exact dollar amount while ensuring you’re using all available seller, builder and Realtor® credits to get the lowest MI premium possible.

Earlier in the year, we introduced the time-saving ASK Arch MI program. Instead of spending time trying to resolve complex underwriting issues on your own, our ASK Center offers answers to your most difficult MI underwriting questions in an hour or less. If you haven’t done so already, bookmark to get answers quickly from our dedicated MI professionals.

Want to start contacting Arch MI on Alexa? Set up your Amazon Echo/Dot/Tap device or your Alexa app on your smartphone by referring to the instructions we’ve posted at Add the Alexa MI Skill by saying “Enable Arch MI Skill.”

Once you’ve had a chance to get a RateStar quote or call our customer service using Alexa, let us know about your experience. Send us an email and we’ll share your stories about Alexa in a future blog post.

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Jim Jumpe

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
As Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Jumpe oversees a long-term strategy to steward the Arch MI brand, help drive sales through effective customer communication, events, advertising and marketing collateral, and develop and execute innovative marketing strategies.