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Booming Housing Market Faces Few Threats

U.S. home prices continue to hit new record highs, raising concerns that certain markets could already be in a price bubble. Ralph DeFranco, the global chief economist for the mortgage insurer Arch MI, discussed with Scotsman Guide News a range of issues affecting the housing market, and why he’s not concerned about an imminent downturn.

Scotsman Guide – April 20, 2018

About the author

Ralph DeFranco

Global Chief Economist, Arch Capital Services, Mortgage Group
Ralph DeFranco is the author of The Housing and Mortgage Market Review® (HaMMR℠), Arch MI’s quarterly report on the nation’s housing sector and the economic issues that affect it. His complementary housing webinars are popular, as are his charts and maps of local housing market conditions at archmi.com/hammr.

He leads the company’s internal forecasting of regional housing prices, stress scenarios and regional housing market risk. Ralph has both a Ph.D. in economics and a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley, as well as experience in mortgage risk management at Chase and Freddie Mac.