Introducing Arch MI’s New Insights Blog

Written by Jim Jumpe

Thanks for taking the time to visit Arch MI’s new Insights blog for housing industry professionals.

Our goal is provide you with our unique perspective on housing and risk management informed by an experienced team of in-house analysts and a depth of data that’s unmatched in our segment.

Our view of the industry assesses not only economic and risk data at the granular level, but also considers the large-scale impact of social and housing policy, generational trends and technological innovation.

Insights will address the industry’s lending issues that are important to your business and identify both risks and opportunities.

Insights will also discuss topics suggested not only by our leadership and sales teams, but also by you, our customers. We encourage you to contact us to recommend ideas for future blog posts based on your own experiences.

Bookmark insights.archmi.com and start reading Insights today.


Jim Jumpe
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

About the author

Jim Jumpe

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
As Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Jumpe oversees a long-term strategy to steward the Arch MI brand, help drive sales through effective customer communication, events, advertising and marketing collateral, and develop and execute innovative marketing strategies.